Management Coaching

The key to coaching a manager is to hire the right person from the very beginning!

  • Character vs characters
  • A Guiding Hand
  • Giving Them the Tools
  • Checklists
  • The Shadow
  • The Decision-Making Process
  • Empowerment
  • Understanding Systems
  • Training is an Ongoing Process

Your management team is responsible for your staff and your customers; so make sure you’ve got the right people taking care of them!


The “Vibe”

Have you ever walked into a bar or restaurant and the room is quiet, the air is thick and there’s a simple lack of life?

What about the bar or restaurant that has great energy the second you walk in the door…sometimes even before you walk in.

Learn some of the simple secrets that help transform spaces and ultimately increase sales.

  • The Space
  • The Sensory Experience
  • Service
  • Staff Training
  • Adapting to the Demographic
  • Understanding Dayparts

Cost & Control

Most chefs know how to cost an individual dish, but don’t know how to directly control overall food costs let alone develop strategies to minimize food costs and maximize profitability. I can provide you with the tools to help you take control of your food costs.

Cutting costs is the simplest way to improve your bottom line.
Introducing a cost control system can bring immediate savings and
ensure that you remain competitve in the longer term.

Culinary Development

Food is our passion! We believe food is the essence and soul of the restaurant. It is what first comes to mind when guests are making a dining decision and causes them to return to your restaurant time and time again. Our approach when developing innovative menus and food offerings is to focus on creating food with integrity, food with honesty and food that is craveable. People these days want REAL food and are tired of the national chain formulas. We believe any food establishment should push the envelope when it comes to sourcing its ingredients by developing relationships with area farmers in order to give diners the freshest possible experience. This is what sets the foundation for excellence in a restaurant’s food culture.

In every case we like to align ourselves with clients who share our same passion for food. We have found collaboration between enthusiastic clients and our consulting firm always results in an outstanding food program.

Menu Innovation & Engineering


  • New Product R&D
    Creation of unique menu items to drive sales in sync with organizational goals and capabilities – culinary development, presentation, recipe and photographic documentation.
  • User-Friendly Recipe Manuals
    Concise recipe documentation catalogued for ease of use and designed to maximize operational efficiencies.
  • Culinary Training and Mentoring
    On-site, back-of-the-house development programs to elevate execution and consistency through hands-on training and coaching for the culinary team to enhance skill development, develop new ideas and remain updated on culinary trends.
  • Menu Maintenance
    On-going relationship to continually freshen and update the menu with new products and presentations.


  • Product Review
    Comprehensive review of existing product line with recommendations enhancing and updating products, presentations and service, while improving profitability, labor cost and guest satisfaction.
  • Exciting Plate Presentations
    Upgraded presentations to maximize visual appeal, improve throughput, equipment usage, profitability, guest appeal and satisfaction.

MenuMapping & ProfitBuilding Strategies
Assistance with menu layout, placement and pricing strategies to enhance overall gross profits and improve bottom-line profitability.